Minors Programs at Georgia Tech

On an annual basis, more than 40,000 minors, age 18 and under, attend a program sponsored by the Institute or conducted on campus. A special duty of care and supervision is required to protect Tech’s youngest learners.

Material Handling

Move and Lift Safetly, Mechanical Aids in Material Handling

New Hazmat Manager

Ms. Bogna Grabicka, Ph.D., is our new Hazardous Materials Manager

News from Nazia

A very critical part of EHS Institute responsibilities is to respond to emergencies or exposure incidents.

May 2019 Laser Safety Burst

Online Laser Registration is now available in EHSA and other laser safety updates

New Face at EHS

Welcome to Jerry Jackson, General Safety Specialist

EHS Smart Lab Posters

For the 22nd annual Georgia Tech Earth Day Festival on April 19, 2019, EHS focused on the initiative to improve the functionality of a research building.

Emergency Evacuation Maps

The Georgia Tech Fire Safety Office has implemented a new program which replaces or provides new Emergency Evacuation Maps.

Tamper Proof FDCs

The Fire Safety Office has started an initiative to secure the Fire Department Connections

Standard Operating Procedures: How Can EHS Help?

Standard Operating Procedures are an important tool for a number of tasks, especially those involving higher-hazard risks and/or may be conducted by large numbers of researchers.

The RoboMed Lab: An Example of Comprehensive EHS Collaboration

The Medical Robotics and Automation Laboratory, called the “RoboMed Lab” for short, is a new lab built for research in medical robotics.