Greek Life Resources

Event Registration

Register your event with the Fire Safety Office to ensure compliance with life safety and fire protection codes. The Fire Safety Office will review the following:

  • Tent locations and layouts
  • Stage locations and configuration
  • Event layouts
  • Event logistics and support
  • Crowd management requirements

House Guidelines

Loft Bed Design

If your house plans to install loft beds in the resident rooms, you will need to follow these guidelines to ensure the loft beds meet the life and fire safety standards required by the Fire Safety Office. Existing loft bed designs that are non-compliant will need to be brought into compliance.

Modifications to House

Any modifications to your house, whether it be improvements to the interior or exterior, additions or changes to existing spaces, or any structural modifications, must be reviewed and approved by the Fire Safety Office to ensure compliance with applicable life and fire safety codes. Please contact our office to discuss any plans for modifications to your house.

Annual Fire & Life Safety Inspections

The link below contains instructions and a checklist to help you prepare for your annual inspection. Utilizing this information will help keep the occupants of your House safe and ensure that your House is compliant with life and fire safety requirements for Greek Housing.