Campus Emergency Information

Call the Georgia Tech Police Department at 404-894-2500 immediately if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, or need a fire truck or ambulance.

For links to information about a campus-wide emergency, or to sign up for emergency alerts, go to Georgia Tech's main emergency page.

EHS Emergency Procedure

If you are currently experiencing an EHS-related emergency:

  1. Get yourself out of harm's way or remove the hazard from you by:
    • Using the eyewash, sink, or emergency shower for 15 minutes, OR
    • Leaving the lab (if an inhalation concern)
  2. Get others out of harm's way by:
    • Instructing them to avoid the area, OR
    • Pulling the fire alarm to evacuate the building (if there is a concern for those outside of your lab)
  3. Call the Georgia Tech Police Department (404-894-2500).
  4. Call the EHS 24/7 on-call phone (404-216-5237).
  5. Meet the police officer who responds (they need the details about the emergency).


AED or CPR is needed

  • Check to make sure the environment is safe.
  • Check to see if the person is conscious by tapping and asking loudly. “Are you OK?”
    • If the person does not respond, ask someone to call Georgia Tech Police (404-894-2500) and get an AED, then perform CPR.
  • When AED is brought, attach pads to the person as shown in the diagrams on the pads. Then follow the AED’s audio instructions.
    • Note: The AED will only deliver shocks if needed; if no shock is needed, no shock will be delivered.
  • Continue CPR until the patient is responsive or a professional responder arrives and takes over.
Emergency phone number:


Potential asbestos release or exposure

If you believe there has been an asbestos release or exposure in your building:

  1. Leave the area.
  2. Call the EHS Emergency Phone at 404-216-5237 or the GT Police at 404-894-2500. Describe why you believe there has been an asbestos release and give a specific location (building, room number).
  3. EHS staff will assess the situation and bring in contractors if necessary.
Emergency phone number:


Spills of and exposures to biological/infectious material

Follow one of the links below to see the appropriate response.

Emergency phone number:


Chemical spills, unintended reactions, or airborne exposures

Chemicals can be a hazard whether they are spilled on someone or an inhalation hazard to an area. Follow the emergency procedure linked below.

Emergency phone number:

Dangerous Gas Alarm

Dangerous gas alarm triggered, either real or in error

If you notice that the Dangerous Gas Monitoring System has been triggered, call the GTPD (404-894-2500) with as much information as you have. Evacuating the lab or building may be appropriate. Follow the information in the Emergency Procedure linked below.

Emergency phone number:

Electric Shock

Electric shock from energized equipment

  • Check to make sure the environment is safe.
  • Immediately contact Georgia Tech Police Department at 404-894-2500.
  • Turn off the source of electricity, if it is possible. If not, move the source of current away from you and the person, using a dry, non-conducting object (i.e. wood, cardboard or plastic) if possible.
  • Begin CPR if the person shows no signs of consciousness or breathing. Do not touch the injured person if he or she is still in contact with the electrical current. Do not move a person with an electrical injury unless he or she is in immediate danger.
Emergency phone number:


Fall or other bodily injury

  • Check to make sure the environment is safe.
  • Ask the injured person what happened and if they are ok.
  • Do not move the person unless they are in immediate danger.
  • Immediately contact Georgia Tech Police Department (404-894-2500).
  • Stabilize the injured persons head and neck in the position found.
    • If the person is impaled by an object, DO NOT remove the object. Keep the person still. Stabilize the impaled object and if possible, bandage around the object.
  • Keep injured person calm, monitor the victim's breathing until professional responders arrive, be ready to perform CPR if needed.
Emergency phone number:


Fire or smoke

If the fire is small (generally no larger than a small trash can), and you feel comfortable using a fire extinguisher, use it to extinguish the fire.

If the fire is larger or you don't feel comfortable using a fire extinguisher, pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building. Call the GTPD (404-894-2500) to report it, and meet the officer at the scene to relay important details.

Emergency phone number:


Suspected (including any burn to the face) or known exposure of the eye to laser radiation is considered an emergency injury.  Minor skin burns anywhere other than the face are considered non-emergency injuries.

If a suspected or known emergency injury occurs:

  • Stop all work and shut down the laser
  • Contact GTPD at 404-894-2500
  • Contact the Laser Safety Officer at 404-894-8847
  • Go directly to a hospital emergency room either by EMS/ambulance, or by having someone drive you.

If a non-emergency injury occurs:

  • Stop all work and shut down the laser
  • Contact the Laser Safety Officer for guidance on where to seek medical care for the injury at 404-894-8847
Emergency phone number:

Oil Spill

Oil spills from motor oil, used fryer oil, etc.

  1. Secure the site. Keep vehicles and pedestrians out of the area.
  2. Call the EHS Emergency Phone at 404-216-5237, or the Georgia Tech Police at 404-894-2500
  3. For smaller spills (5 gallons or less), grab your spill kit and use the sorbents.
  4. Contain the oil as much as possible. Place booms or socks around sewer grates to keep the oil from entering.
  5. Do not wash the oil down the drain!
Emergency phone number:

Radioactive Material

Spills of radioactive material; contamination of person; missing radioactive source

In the event of a major spill:

  1. Notify anyone in the area that there is a spill;
  2. Use absorbent paper to contain the spill if possible
  3. Contact ORS at 404-894-3605
  4. Blockade the area to prevent someone from entering the spill, if possible
  5. Check if anyone is contaminated
  6. Wait in the room, yet away from the spill, for ORS to arrive

In the event of personal contamination, immediately:

  1. Remove contaminated clothing
  2. Wash contaminated skin gently with mild soap in sink, or use emergency shower if contaminated skin can't be washed in sink
  3. If in eyes, use eyewash for 15 minutes
  4. Contact ORS immediately at 404-894-3605

In the event of a missing radioactive source:

Emergency phone number:


Actual or suspected x-ray burn or exposure, malfunctioning x-ray machine

In the event of an actual or suspected x-ray burn or exposure, or a malfunctioning x-ray machine:

  • Turn off the x-ray machine. There should be an emergency posting on or near the machine to indicate the best way to do this. Some options include:
    • Hitting the emergency stop button
    • Unplugging the unit
    • Flipping the breaker on the wall
  • Call ORS at 404-894-3605. If no answer, or if GTPD services are needed, call 404-894-2500.
Emergency phone number: