EHS Personnel

EH&S Emergency Phone
EH&S Emergency Phone
Office: 404-216-5237
Monni Begum
Biosafety Specialist
Office: 404-385-5575
Gregory Beyer
Systems Support Engineer
Office: 404-385-5576
Helen Castillo
Administrative Professional Senior
Office: 404-385-4635
Brian Clemons
Hazardous Materials Specialist
Office: 404-894-0499
James Dark
Environmental Programs Officer
Office: 404-385-1410
Adam Fischer
Chemical Safety Specialist
Office: 404-894-6128
Meagan Fitzpatrick
Biosafety Officer / Environmental Health Manager
Office: 404-894-6120
Shane Gillooly
Assistant Biosafety Officer
Office: 404-894-6119
Bogna Grabicka
Chemical Safety Specialist
Office: 404-385-0821
Steven Grimm
Radiation Safety Officer
Office: 404-894-3621
Jerel Harris
General Safety Manager
Office: 404-385-0263
Aaron Jennison
Hazardous Materials Specialist
Office: 404-385-5639
April Kelly
Environmental Programs Manager
Office: 404-385-6763
Larry Labbe
Fire Marshal / Fire Safety Manager
Office: 404-894-2990
Renee Lee-Starks
Fire Safety Specialist
Office: 404-385-7474
Jake LeJeune
Fire Safety Specialist Sr
Office: 404-894-2153
Ryan Lisk
Lab & Chemical Safety Officer
Office: 404-385-9531
Jerry Marrison
Fire Safety Specialist
Office: 404-385-5275
Darrell Neal
Health Physicist
Office: 404-385-0779
Jeneen Parker
Administrative Professional
Office: 404-894-3473
Taylor Porterfield
Chemical Safety Specialist
Office: 404-385-2964
Ed Pozniak
Hazardous Materials Manager
Office: 404-894-6224
Shanell Riley
Lab and Chemical Safety Specialist
Office: 404-894-9381
Laura Scholer-Bland
Associate Laboratory and Chemical Safety Officer
Office: 404-894-2141
Arlene Smith
Administrative Professional Senior
Office: 404-894-3600
Gary Spichiger
Associate RSO, Laser Safety Officer
Office: 404-894-8847
David Stevenson
Hazardous Materials Specialist
Office: 404-894-9258
Christina Tabor
Senior Health Physicist
Office: 404-894-8846
Nazia Zakir
Assistant Vice President
Office: 404-894-1244