Tier I Program

The Tier One program at Georgia Tech is designed to review the storage, handling, and use of highly reactive chemicals by individuals working in the laboratories on campus.  Examples of highly reactive chemicals can include pyrophoric and highly water reactive chemicals. 

Laboratories on campus must know all specific and appropriate storage, handling, and disposal requirements of the Tier One materials that they are working with.  Prior to working with any reactive materials, a standard operating procedure, laboratory safety plan, and training record, are required to be filled out and submitted to EH&S.  Once approved, the laboratory will receive a Restricted Purchases Form which allows them to purchase the Tier One chemical requested, and use it as trained. 

EH&S is also available to assist laboratories with specific training on how to handle, store, and dispose of reactive chemicals upon request.  For further information or any assistance please contact us.

Pre-Startup Safety Review Tool