Emergency Showers & Eyewashes

Georgia Tech Facilities Management certifies the functionality of all safety showers and safety shower/eyewash combo units (eyewash is attached to the safety shower) annually. They physically test the safety shower and initial the tag if it is working properly.

Emergency eyewashes that are on or near sinks and that drain into the sink, or eyewashes that are independent of sinks but that are plumbed with a drain or are adjacent to a floor drain shall be tested/flushed for no less than 1 minute every week by the laboratory staff. This weekly check must be documented on the Weekly Self Inspection form.

DO NOT BLOCK emergency showers or eyewashes with glassware, equipment, boxes, etc. After an eye splash, you have approximately 10 seconds to begin rinsing the chemical out of your eye before corneal damage occurs.

Document your weekly checks of the eyewash stations on this sheet