Lab Inspections

Lab and Chemical Safety conducts periodic lab inspections for all spaces working with chemical agents. Lab inspections promote a safer work environment and ultimately improve the safety culture of the lab. Labs are required to complete a weekly self-inspection. Please see the documents below.

For more information about lab inspections, please refer to the Lab Safety Manual.

Inspection Documents

All lab inspection corrective actions must be documented in EHSA following these instructions. If you are having any problems with EHSA, please email us with as much detail as possible.

Document detailing items that EHS will evaluate during a lab inspection

Document your weekly checks of the eyewash stations on this sheet

Checklist for documenting items during an informal lab visit

Inspection items for the required weekly self-inspection for each lab

Note: OSP Proposals

A successful lab inspection within the past year is a prerequisite for research proposals approved through the Office of Sponsored Programs.