Biosafety Cabinets & Laminar Flow Hoods

The Biosafety Office arranges and covers the cost of annual certification for all biosafety cabinets and laminar flow hoods/clean benches each July.  If you plan on bringing a new piece of equipment on campus, contact us so we assist in getting your equipment certified.

Moving Equipment
In the event that you need to move a biosafety cabinet from one location to another, the cabinet MUST be decontaminated before it is moved.  Decontamination is performed by the campus contractor using vapor hydrogen peroxide.  The BSC must also be recertified once it is installed in its new location. Laminar flow hood/clean benches do not require decontamination but they do require recertification once they are moved.

Contact us if you’re planning to move any of these pieces of equipment so that we can arrange for services with the contractor.

If your BSC or laminar flow hood/clean bench fails or stops working correctly, contact us so that we can assist in scheduling repairs. The cost of repairs is the responsibility of the PI/department. EHS will cover the cost of recertification once the repairs are completed.